Sandra Pons Carreras
Born at Minorca (Spain) in 1967.
Studies: 1989 - 1992 at the School of Art "Massana", Barcelona, in Visual Art, IIlustration, Design, Multimedia Applications-Video.
She is an active member of the union "Sens Espace Europe" at Montpellier (France), for environment, art and space issues.

2001 - 2004 she has directed the performences: "Hic et Nunc", "Taboo" and "About Love" at the "Art and Environment" Center, in Athens.
2000 - 2005: she made educational programs for children and has written theatrical plays for children.

She has been teaching Visual Arts since 1999.
She is head of the "VivArte" Art Center.

She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece, Spain and Belgium.