Divari Eva personal website
Daughter of the painter Andreas Divaris, she had the first art lessons from her father. She continued studying at ATI under the painters Zouboulakis, Mitaras and Vasiliou, the engravers Katsoulidis and Gravalos and the sculptors Georgiadis and Parmakelis. She studied at ALEMIZO MODERN ART STUDIO N.Y. Graphic Artist, Profile Management και Branding. She also studied at CHRISTIE'S Free Studies Workshop and the SUCCESS DYNAMICS Academy.

She has traveled all over the world by merchant ships obtaining the experience that characterizes her work. She has presented her work in European, American and African ports. Since 1994, she has been exhibiting her work in Greece, in 21 solo and 36 group exhibitions.

She has taken distinctions for her cultural contribution in Marine. Artworks of hers are found in private and public collections in Greece and other countries.