Milionis Dimitris 
A self taught visual artist presently living and working in Athens, Greece since 1974.
Born in Sydney, Australia 1960.

As a teenager since 1972-74 besides his traditional academic studies, he explores technical drawing, wood and metal workshops at Tempe Languages High School (Sydney, Au.).

From 1974-78 at American Community Schools (ACS) Academy School in Athens, he explores B&W photography, 8mm film and video he takes studies in drawing, mechanical drawing and architecture including printmaking in linocuts.

In 1979-80 he works on several Greek films and serials in post production. During this period he involves himself with the study of Film & Theatrical Costumes related to and Ancient Greek Theater Stage, Props and Sceneography while he re-explores Painting in all mediums and several other art forms as traditional Greek Orthodox Byzantine Iconography, Etching, Sculpture, Design and Screen Printing.

Solo exhibitions: 8

He has participated in 15 group exhibitions with fellow artist, members of "Art Studio EST" in Athens and in 25 more group exhibitions since 1996 in galleries: Skoufa, Monohoro, Periplanisi, Marisa Fassianou and Stavros Mihalarias.