Frederica Nomikou
Born in Athens.
In 1974 she started up the "Aresana" Art Studio, at Fira, Santorini, where she exhibited her unique pieces of carved and painted pumice stone. Each piece faithfully depicting the elements of Santorini's typical architecture.
A decade later in the new "Aresana" at Oia, she exhibited her work of the next phase, the sailboats, painted on discarded pieces of wood and aged doors.
In 1999, exhibition at Megaron Gyzi, Fira, of her new work: "Byzantine itineraries", paintings on Santorini old wooden doors, showing the activities of the Therans of yesteryear as a subject matter (hunters, birdcatchers, fishermen, vinegrowers etc.)
In 2000 exhibition at the "Ermoupolis" Art Gallery, on Syros island.
In 2002 the "Aresana" Art Studio moves to Finikia, in a big "canava"
Artworks of hers can be found in private collections an art galleries in Greece and other countries.