Petropoulou Sophia
Sophia Petropoulou lives now in Athens after 9 years in Luxembourg.
She has presented her work at eleven individual and ten collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
She is member of The Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

Recent individual exhibitions:
1999,2001, European Commission, Luxembourg
2003, Maison de la Grece, Paris
2003, Espace "ORFEU" Brussels
2004, Gallery "EN PLO" Pafos, Cyprus
2005, Gallery, "THEOREMA" Brussels
2005,Hellenic Centre, London
2006, Gallery "Metopi" Athens

Collective exhibitions: 7 (2003 - 2007) in Luxembourg, Brussels, Cyprus and Chania - Greece

Paintings by Sophia Petropoulou can be found in Greece, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, France, Denmark, Holland, Cyprus, Canada and Luxembourg.