Naturally Sweet Wine

Variety: Assyrtiko 90-95%, aidani, athiri 5-10%
Harvest: Late August at full maturation.

Procedure: Selection and spreading of the grapes on the terraces of our winery for 8-14 days. Two to three days after the spreading the grapes are turned over, one by one, so that the aromas are further accentuated by the sun. The hot summer sun and the strong winds, the complete lack of clouds and the high-alcohol assyrtiko (15-16 Bm) work wonders for this unique, divine wine to be produced.

Vinification: Selection of the berries without crushing and pressure on the berries in hydraulic automatic press. Average yield, 8-12 kgrs of grapes per 1 kgr of vinsanto wine. Slow alcoholic fermentation.

Ageing: In oak barrels for minimum 3 and up to 20 years. In the cellar of our winery, 11 metres below earth, of which 6 metres are a layer of pumice, there is an invariable temperature of 15-17°C, both in winter - and in summertime, as well as controlled humidity.