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Art Space

Area of Art Space

Art Space Santorini

Colors, flavors, scents… In the heart of the Aegean, Santorini is a natural gem, which was almost washed away by the wave directly from the throne of Poseidon as an involuntary gift of God of the ocean to humans…

The deeper you look at it, the beauty of Santorini enslaves you. It’s not just the warm Cycladic atmosphere, it’s not just the waves of the Aegean that envelop it, it’s not even the mysterious energy of the prehistoric volcano that pierces it. Above all, it is the people who give the island its famous reputation, which reaches beyond any borders.

They are the people who are inspired by her beauty, who create with whatever they hold in their hands, they are these people who don’t dare to dream and have learned to shape their dreams into pieces of art.

A destination for artisans and creators

Understanding our need for such a quality of life, we followed the same path indicated by the wine road itself, to finally reach a coveted destination: Art Space starting from a traditional winery, has evolved within the years into a place of wine production and tasting, an authentic meeting of souls sharing a mutual love for any kind of visual art.

Since 1999 , behind the wooden door of Art Space, in a modern space, built into the shade of the rocks, in a peculiarly familiar atmosphere of a silent mystagogy, all those who share the same passion for creativity find a hospitable retreat.

Art exhibitions from all over the world, a rare variety of natural wines with mild winemaking, a unique feeling of fellowship that welcomes you to a magical universe: the world of Art Space in Santorini.

Area of Art Space

The Exhibition hall occupies the two wine cellars (kanaves), the old rakidio (rake distillery) and the large caved space (hyposkafo) of the old winery, which is carved into the pumice rock. The Exhibition premises link to the adjacent caved-in spaces of the steading, where the new winery is in operation, through an underground tunnel.

The exhibition displays representative works of contemporary art. Their artistic worth constitutes the key criterion in their having been selected for display. The works on display come from numerous established artists from the Greek and international realm. Also, the exhibition is the home for works of new, promising artists.