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Horianopoulou Eirini

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Horianopoulou Eirini

Born in 1973, in Athens Greece.

1997-2005: Degree from Athens University of Fine Arts, Painting Section
Research and dissertation on Teaching Art “Huderwasser – Opening a forgotten window to the children of the city”
1996-1997 Drawing lessons at the preparatory workshop of N. Stefos
1994-1995 Painting lessons by the painter P. Koufovassilis
1991-1992 Design and manufacture of musical instruments, Institute of Research Music and Acoustic
1990-1991 Attendance at the Drama School (K.E.A), dept. of scene painting

She has participated in many group exhibitions (2000 – 2009)
Lives and works in Athens, practicing arts, art teaching and art therapy.
“Inside a random stain…That’s from where the painting usually begins…I spread out the colour, I trace it and I start again…I define the random and I constantly redefine the limits…”