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History of Art Space

History of Art Space

Since 1999, the caved-in old winery chambers of Art Space Santorini have held the exhibitions of approximately 200 top Greek and foreign artists. During Art Space operation, the thousands of visitors to its premises have had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the trends and course of contemporary painting and sculpture in Greece.

Apart from its interest, due to its unique geology and tourist attractions, Santorini is an island with a history of 3500 years in exquisite art masterpieces. From the incomparable wall paintings of prehistoric Akrotiri in Santorini to the sculptures and ceramics of historic times and its superb architecture of more recent centuries, Santorini maintains a tradition in art.

With this perspective in mind, Art Space aspires at contributing its small stone to the existing foundation and become yet one more reason for visitors to get to know another aspect of Santorini: an island that inspires artists and offers hospitality to Art in all its manifestations.

Argiros family began operation of its winery in 1861, as the small engraved plaque at Mikri Kanava tells us. At the end of the 1990s, the kanaves, rakidio, and pumice rock-hewn caves of the old steading were restored acquiring a new life as a space housing Art.

At the same time, the new winery facilities were installed in the adjacent caved-in area of the steading thus continuing the family’s wine crafting tradition.

Visitors to the Art Gallery have the opportunity to select among important works of art by Greek and foreign artists or choose wines crafted at the winery.