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The vineyard of Santorini is claimed to be of the oldest ones in the world.

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Worldwide famous vineyards and fine wines

The vineyard of Santorini is worldwide famous and it is considered among the oldest ones in the world. It is particularly resistant to the diseases of the vine (e.g Downey mildew, fungi or insect infestation) and, what’s more important, it has never been infested by vine louse. That probably renders it the only agrestal vineyard in the world.

The resistance of the dry vineyard of Santorini, as well as the exquisite aromas of its grapes, are due to the special climate and soil idiosyncrasies of the island. The average annual rainfall is usually 22 centimeters. The rain season is limited to the months between October and April, while there is hardly any rain in May and none at all during summer. Almost throughout the entire summer, there are strong winds.

The combination of limited rainfall and strong summer winds is quite favorable and “forces” the vines to “feed” on the humidity retained in the volcanic island soil.

As a result, the yield per hectare is low (average yield: 250 kgr/0.1hec), but the quality of the grapes is particularly high and their aromas are exquisite. An additional benefit is an early maturation at the beginning of August when harvesting begins against strong winds and under the hot summer sun.